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We pride ourselves on quality range of equipment and strive to stock only the most reliable products. Essentially, Shotcrete is concrete that is sprayed through a high-pressure hose onto surfaces such as steel, polystyrene and wood. Its applications include the formation of floors, walls, ceilings, roofing, exteriors, and other structures.

The two processes

There are two types of Shotcrete: wet process and dry process. The wet process technique involves pumping wet mix through a pipe and out a nozzle that releases compressed air into the mix at a high velocity. It can be sprayed on vertical and overhead surfaces. The dry process technique is where dry concrete is pumped into a Gunite machine through a nozzle where water is added.

Moore-Quip offers a line of concrete parts for Jacon equipment for pumping, spraying, and transport equipment. Our products include Hydraulic components , pump parts, electrical components, seals and components suitable for Jacon mining and civil construction equipment, our spares not only meet the Original parts but in most cases exceed the OEM quality. Only Genuine vendor parts used.

Shotcrete Parts

To cater to your maintenance needs we sell a variety of components for equipment including complete spray guns and parts, nozzle tips, locking nuts, and washers.

How can we help?

Moore-Quip has one of the most extensive Shotcrete equipment ranges in Australia. Contact us today on 08 9249 5544 to order or for more information on our product range.