Spiral Wrap

HOSE PRO Australian Made Hose Wrap

Hose Pro is manufactured in Australia using only the highest quality of HDPE available to give outstanding technical properties with exceptional crush and outstanding abrasion resistance, these combined ensure you get the maximum service life from your hoses.

Our spiral shaped guard is self-lubricating for ease of installation, has rounded edges with domed profile and can be installed on the hose either before or after it has been fitted to the machinery.

Our entire range of products conform to the requirements of MDG 41 and our Flame Retardant and Burst sleeve ranges also carry both MSHA and ISO approvals to guard operators when in the field.

We are certain our spiral product is stronger and more robust than any other product in the market and urge companies to test against any guard they are currently using. We are also happy to work with customers to accommodate any random request or specific requirement they may have.