Skid Mounted Concrete & Grout Pumps

Pumping  Rate Capabilities from 20 cubes to 150 cubes per hour

The performance and reliability of our skid mounted Concrete & Grout Pumps make them ideal for offshore, high-pressure grout/concrete pumping solution. Our state-of-the-art, Concrete & Grout Pumps are designed with full consultation with the customer to ensure our product meets your needs as we specialize in bespoke concrete pumping units, we understand that one size does not fit every application.

Moore-Quip  is capable of supplying grout pumping  units in either diesel or 3 phase high voltage power hydraulic pumps.  Our  concrete pumps are capable of delivering from 10 cubes to 150 cubes per hour (various models) with a high pressure setting for the larger units. As we manufacture the grout pumps to your specifications we are able to supply either left or right mounted dash panel or PLC control.

We are also capable of supplying full pump monitoring for amount of concrete/grout pumped, flow rate and outlet pressure monitoring with alarms visual and audible.

All our Concrete and Group pumps are fitted with the following:

  • Emergency stops and isolation’s
  • Fully insulated and shielded wiring.
  • Work lights
  • Dual hydraulic circuit with automatic change over.
  • Fully automatic stroke adjustment
  • Variable discharge rates with variable displacement pumps
  • Safety interlocks
  • Self adjusting wear ring
  • Full hydraulic filtration

S20 Skid mounted

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