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shotcrete parts

Shotcrete nozzle parts

Shotcrete Nozzle Parts and Accessories

Jacon polimer Nozzle

Jacon Nozzle


We have the largest range of Shotcrete Nozzles and accessories in Australia. Our Shotcrete nozzle are used for both hand-held and robotic shotcreting in mines and civil construction. We cater from the pool  shotcrete nozzle to the  mining Jacon 2″and 2 1/2″ systems.  All our Shotcrete Nozzles are Australian made from quality polymers.

Moore-Quip have specially designed Nozzle tips in various (DURO) hardness ratings.  Our in-house designed ,spray gun, which is 30% lighter than the  standard spray gun. With its lightweight aluminium body, making it ideal for civil work and allowing for less worker fatigue and longer spraying time.

Our after-market Nozzle assemblies are also available for  Jacon and Normet equipment. Nozzles create  a “venturi” action, as swirling air surrounds the concrete as it travels through the nozzle. This prevents the concrete from segregating and provides a better surface finish and compaction.

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