Jacon S8000 Trailer Pump

S8000 Concrete Trailer Pump


Jacon S8000 Trailer Pump Series

The Jacon 8000 series  concrete trailer pump whith its high pressure output and 90 cubes per hour pumping rate make this one of the most versatile trailer pumps on the market. The S8000 is selectable low pressure (75 Bar)making it excellent for piling and with it capable of pushing 160 meters vertical in high pressure(110bar) mode. The S8000  trailer pump has lockable engine cabinet doors and can also be optioned with a compressor or pressure washer for cleaning out at the end of the job.

The JACON S8000 concrete trailer pump draws on nearly 40 years of production of concrete pumps,line pumps and Shotcreting equipment.  You will be highly impressed with the quality durability, reliability and cost-effectiveness and yet simple to operate of these Jacon concrete trailer pumps units.

The Jacon “S” valve is designed to handle extremely concrete mixes as well as low slump mixes making the S8000 concrete trailer pump a very versatile pump for pumping stiff, low-slump concrete. The receiving hopper has an unrestricted, large, free-filling opening with a paddle mixer. The Dual Circuit hydraulic system means fast, smooth switching of the heavy duty “S” valve resulting in an almost continuous flow and giving longer life of wear components. With electric over hydraulic control system you will never hear a smoother pump in action.  The Rexroth hydraulic manifold blocks eliminate the need  any hoses and fittings, reducing oil leaks. Your return on investment is unmatched when comparing Jacon concrete trailer pump with any model.

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Standard Features

  • High performance diesel engine
  • “S” valve with automatic adjustment cutting ring
  • Twin shifting ball and socket cushioned cylinders
  • Dual circuit hydraulics and accumulator
  • Hopper remixer
  • Electric over hydraulic pilot system with manual over-ride feature
  • Hard chromed concrete cylinders
  • Splash guard
  • Hopper grate with safety interlock
  • Instant reverse on pumping cylinders
  • Heavy Duty axle with suspension
  • Fully automatic stroke adjustment
  • lifting/tie down lugs
  • Fully hydraulic control for stabilisation
  • Hopper work light.

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