Jacon Shotcrete Transmix 6000 Spare Parts and Accessories

Shotcrete Transmixer 6000

Shotcrete Transmixer TMX 6000

Jacon Shotcrete Transmix 6000

The World’s most compact, low-profile mobile concrete mixer, specifically engineered for underground mining conditions

Moore-Quip is capable to of supplying all spare parts and after sales service for this popular Jacon model. Our spares not only meet the Original parts but in most cases exceed the OEM quality. Only Genuine vendor parts used.

The Transmix 600o large  agitator bowl allows the machine to carry and batch 6 cubic meter of shotcrete.The Jacon shotcrete Transmix features Rexroth hydraulics which allow formulti-mode, 4-wheel hydrostatic steering. It is capable of reaching speeds of up to 25km/h and handling 1:6 inclines with ease, even when fully laden with 6 cubic metres of concrete while batching. The Transmixer is compact and maneuverable and has the capability to carry consumables for the Shotcrete machine.

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