Shotcrete Sprayer Jacon MaxiJet Elite Designed and Built for Underground

Shotcrete Sprayer Jacon

Jacon MaxiJet Elite Shotcrete Sprayer

Jacon Maxijet Elite

Australian designed shotcrete sprayer  the JACON MaxiJet Elite is a Medium sized underground shotcrete diesel  powered shotcrete machine designed and build for underground and is capable of tramming in harsh conditions, with steep incline and long distances.

Shotcrete Sprayer

The Jacon Maxijet has a robust and reliable Italian four-wheel drive power train. Four wheel steer drive line consists of a two speed hydrostatic transmission powered by a choice of diesel engines connected to Dana steering axles. The Maxijet Elite is a  compact design makes the MaxiJet  extremely maneuverable even in the tightest, most difficult situations. The Jacon MaxiJet shotcrete sprayer Elite incorporates the efficient and reliable Jacon piston shotcrete sprayer  pumping system, and powered by an Mercedes 906LA Diesel engine rated at 180 kW(or your choice)  . An on-board 375 CFM air compressor 7.1M³ @ 7BAR makes MaxiJet Elite the complete self-contained shotcrete rig.

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