Jacon MaxiJet MX-0400

Jacon MaxiJet MX-0400 is a mid-sized Shotcrete rig designed and built for tramming in harsh conditions, steep incline and long distances.

The Jacon Maxijet robust and reliable for-wheel drive, front wheel steer drive line consists of a two speed hydrostatic transmission powered by a choice of diesel engines connected to Clark-Hurth steering axles. The short wheel base and four wheel steer makes the MaxiJet extremely maneuverable even in the tightest situation. The Jacon MaxiJet incorporates a long stroking large volume piston Shotcrete pump with 10m reach and parallel lance option, a chemical dozing system integrated with the pump stroking and electronically metered with totalises for the end of shift, and the cordless remote control with cord backup gives the operator more safety and flexibility throughout the job.

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